Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Roast Chicken

Nigella's roast chicken recipe is almost too simple. She advocates simply buying the best chicken possible and roasting with some butter smeared over it and stuffed with a lemon. I'm afraid that i adulterated this with a Jamie Oliver inspired, herb fantasia and stuffing it into every crevice a chicken can offer. i think this adds a bit more flavour.

- Put a handful of thyme and rosemary in a pestle.
- Mix with olive oil and seasoning.
- Take the mixture and paste half of it between the breast skin and the breast meat.
- Paste the rest of it all over the chicken.
- Add dollops of butter to the skin and inside the chicken.
- Stuff also with a lemon, cut in half, half squeezing the lemon juice into the bird
- Cook for 20 mins per lb (200g) and 20 mins over.
- Baste with the juices every 20 mins.
- With 60 mins to go, add whole shallots and cloves of garlic to the roasting tin
- Remove the chicken and rest upside down, so that the juices gravitate downwards towards the breast meat.
- For the gravy, add white wine to the roasting tin and de-glaze.

I can honestly say, this was a great success. The shallots caramelise along with the garlic and work wonderfully. And as i learnt from Sarah Knott, you can never add too much lemon or butter to a roast chicken. According to Sam the other evening, this could be the "best roast chicken I've ever tasted"!

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