Saturday, 31 October 2009


The first recipe in the book and i've only just got round to making it. It was to accompany the prawn cakes above. It wasn't a great success - too oily and too strong a taste of olive. I should have stopped when it looked about perfect, but this being my first time making mayonnaise, i thought i'd better carry on and follow the recipe exactly. Maybe the eggs i used were too small for the amount of oil, but either way, nigella suggests far too much olive oil i think.

- Whisk 2 egg yolks, preferably from room temperature, with a pinch of salt.
- Very slowly add 225ml groundnut/sunflower oil, whisking all the time.
- Then continue with 25ml olive oil (nigella suggests 75ml), followed by the juice of 1/2 lemon, still whisking all the time.
- Season with salt and white pepper.

So not too bad a recipe, but next time i'm going to stop adding oil when it gets to the consistency i want.

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