Friday, 11 December 2009

Salmon in den miso

The black cod at E&O in notting hill is amazing - one of the best things to eat on any menu in London.  And a sister restaurant called XO has just opened down the road in Belsize Park, so we had the black cod only the other evening.  In fact it was over the black cod, that i gave Tara her new sparkly ring as a thank you for Marni.  This is nigella's approximation to black cod it and it works pretty well.  You can also try with cod, which i'm definitely going to, but nigella's suggest salmon because its easier to make work with the fattier fish.

- Mix 150g white miso (i used brown) with 2 tablespoons each of mirin, sake and sugar.
- Cook in a pan for 10 mins - nigella suggest 20 mins but mine was so sticky it was difficult to spread over the salmon.
- Marinade the salmon in the miso mixture for 1-3 days.
- Grill the salmon for a few mins on each side

This worked so well, that Tara said she's always going to cook salmon like this from now on. Praise indeed!

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