Sunday, 6 December 2009

Cod Wrapped in Ham

This is one of Nigella's dinner menus - "early autumn dinner for 6" she calls it, and having it in late November isn't too far off. As you can see, jocky, julia, angus, sam and dan were the lucky recipients, although jocky is looking doubtful.  The cod i thought was cooked perfectly and the ham added a lovely salty, meaty flavour to it.  We had it with some sage and onion lentils, which were tasty with it, even though i over-cooked them. The simplest recipe list in the book:

- Brush 6 cod fillets with 75g melted butter, wrap each with a slice or 2 of parma ham and brush again with melted butter.
- Cook in the oven for 15 mins at 200C.

I was provided with a plethora of quotes - "utterly delicious" and "I really really like this" among them (angus's words are his tool as you can tell) - i think mainly said in order to get a mention in this somewhat backwater of a blog.  cheers anyway everyone - i'll treasure every  kind word...

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